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reviewDo You Want To Last Longer In Bed? Use this Simple Method To Last 20 Minutes Longer Tonight & End The Embarrassment of PE Forever…

After trying various pills and creams I did not expect much from a program called The Ejaculation Trainer. I’ve read about hundreds of techniques on the internet and tried a lot of them without much success.

At the time I was desperate for a solution. My girlfriend was frustrated and I lost all my confidence in the bedroom. I just wanted a normal sex life. You know…enjoy sex and have her enjoy it too.

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Although a lot of the techniques aren’t new, the way it teaches you the techniques is what makes The Ejaculation Trainer so successful. It starts off by giving you some “quick-fix” techniques to help you immediately. This is great because it helps you to see that this stuff really does work. Unlike most premature ejaculation gimmicks on the market, this deals with the 3 root causes of PE.

It’s not just another band-aid solution but it focuses on helping you to get 100% control over your ejaculation reflex. Ejaculation is like any other reflex in your body. The problem is that you just don’t (yet) know how to control it. Guys that can last for hours know how to control it. The good news is that we can all learn how to control it.

This program has some unique exercises that helps you to get that control that will help you last longer in bed. Even though they make it sound like it’s very easy, it does take practice. Yes, the quick-fix techniques work but if you want to learn how to get complete control over your ejaculation reflex you will have to practice and use the exercises. It does take time. Some guys can master it in a couple of days while for others it takes a couple of weeks, but in the end it’s definitely worth it.

Do I recommend you try it? Yes. This is not some gimmick or band-aid solution. It deals with the cause of premature ejaculation and if you follow the program you will last longer in bed. The exercises are simple, safe and they are proven to work. Premature ejaculation is deeply embarrassing, but you don’t have to live with it. You don’t have to be afraid of sex. This guide will give you more than the “gift” of satisfying your lover. It will help you get that sexual confidence and charisma that all women crave.

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articlesPremature Ejaculation…

The inability to satisfy your woman sexually can be a massive problem on many levels. Apart from the immediate sexual tension it creates in the relationship, it can affect your very manhood on a deep level. The fact that women have much more sexual stamina makes PE a problem that a lot of men has to deal with – some more successfully than others.

The fact that women are capable of multiple orgasms combined with the fact that women take much longer to come off an orgasm means that men are usually the culprits in unfulfilled sex lives.

Women are very sensitive to a man’s ego in the bedroom. This is why so many of them will go so far as faking orgasms just to make you feel like you are satisfying them. Unfortunately a prolonged period of unfulfilling sex will eventually take it’s toll on the relationship. Often it finds it’s way into other parts of the relationship.

The problem with premature ejaculation is that it’s a self reinforcing problem and guys can easily get caught in the downward spiral. Performance anxiety can become an issue during sex and the anxiety itself is often the very cause of PE. If you want to last longer in bed you need to address the causes.

There are a lot of products on the market to help you last longer, but the majority of them are only capable of delaying ejaculation. The cause of the problem is a mental issue. Your ejaculation reflex is controlled by you. Like any other reflex in your body, you can learn to control it.

Most guys are not even aware of the muscles and the reflex that causes ejaculation. Becoming aware of the reflex in your body is the very first step in getting control of it. There are various exercises you can use to help you get control over this.

In the end it really pays to learn this rare skill. 80% of all guys simply don’t know how to control their ejaculation. If you can learn to last for an hour you will be able to give any woman incredible orgasms. You can even build a reputation amongst girls – which is one reputation that will serve you well.


articlesWhy Can’t You Last Longer In Bed?

The old saying that Men are from Mars and Women Are From Venus is probably more true than we’d like to believe when it comes to sex. While most women can last for an hour before reaching an orgasm, most men can barely make it past the 10 minute mark.


Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions:

- Is my partner satisfied when we have sex?
- Does my partner wish I could last longer in bed?
- Am I performing as well as her previous partners?
- What if I don’t last long enough during sex?

One thing is for sure: Lasting 5 minutes is NOT enough to satisfy your woman.

Good thing that most women are very sensitive and understanding and they usually don’t say anything about it. Heck, most of them fake orgasms just to protect our ego’s. Unfortunately this does not deal with the real problem which is sexual compatibility and satisfying your partner.

Sex is a huge part of your relationship. Women are very sexual and they need sex – probably more than men and probably more than they care to admit openly. Men tend to underestimate this and that’s why problems in the bedroom can soon become even bigger problems outside of the bedroom.

Making sex last longer is one of the biggest steps you can take to light that spark in your sex life. Since women can easily last for an hour with multiple orgasms, sex need not be a 15 minute ordeal. Having sex for an hour or two is a very intimate and bonding experience and studies have shown that prolonged sex keeps couples happier and closer.

Although the exact physiological causes of premature ejaculation aren’t clear, we do know that it is mostly a mental problem. The mental problem can be caused by bad habits, past experiences and/or health issues. To make matters worse the physical side of it is something that men never even know they have control over.

The 3 aspects of ejaculation are closely linked together and one often fuels the other. If you want to last longer in bed you need to address all 3 issues simultaneously to get the fastest possible results. You can make sex last longer and learn to delay ejaculation by simply fixing these 3 problem areas.

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