Delay Ejaculation With These 3 Proven Methods

Although there is no fixed diagnosis for what constitutes premature ejaculation, the effects of it on a relationship and a man’s ego can be devastating. Learning to delay ejaculation can be like learning to brush your teeth with your other hand. It’s often a habit that’s hard to break and one that might seem impossible to break.

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While some consider ejaculating within 1 minute of intercourse as premature, some define it by the amount of thrusts you can last. Nonetheless, the real problem is the inability to last long enough to stimulate your partner and that’s the real issue we need to address.

PE does have some known medical causes although it is only a small percentage of the cases. The majority is still related to mental and habitual problems that developed during puberty. Work stress, alcohol and recreational drugs have been proven to affect a man’s performance immensely and sometimes cutting out any one of these can have superb results.

So, what’s the best way to delay ejaculation? There are 3 main “treatments” you can follow.

1. Drugs
By accident, it was discovered that men on anti depressants experienced delay ejaculation. After tests it was discovered that anti depressants has that side effects and doctors soon caught on by prescribing it for PE. Serotonin inhibitors like Prozac and Paxil is regularly prescribed for the “wrong” reason. This is in my opinion a pretty radical move and one that you should not take lightly as these drugs can effect you life in some serious ways. This is also not a 100% fix and is not a guaranteed fix to last longer in bed.

2. Quick Fix Products
You’ve probably seen them all over the internet. Second rate medicines and creams that promise to make you last an extra 45 minutes instantaneously. Although most of them are complete garbage, they do have some value and some of them do actually work. The best product is probably Stud 100 or Super Power – both are lotions that are either sprayed or rubber unto the penis to numb it. Apart from the obvious problem of whipping out your spray can before sex, it tends to rub off on your partner – numbing her too and making sex pretty boring.

3. Control Techniques
These are probably the best ways to delay ejaculation simply because it targets the root cause of the problem. Since the problem is mainly a mental one, treating the mental side is a sure fire way to get rid of the problem permanently. There are a whole host of exercises and techniques and although it’s not an instant cure, it does produce pretty quick results that last long term without having to spend thousands of dollars on pills or creams.

Learning to delay ejaculation is not nearly as “impossible” as many guys make it out to be. Regardless of which treatment you opt for, there is a solution for you. Not only will it give you your confidence back, but it can save your relationship.

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