Easy Ways to Last Longer in Bed

As a man, you would of course want to give pleasure to your woman for the longest time possible. You’ll enjoy too, wouldn’t you? However, there have always been problems plaguing man regarding sex – and one of these problems is how to last longer in bed. It is very embarrassing for a man to ejaculate and lose the drive, or even lose the stamina, when the woman has not yet fully appreciated the experience.

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One way to last longer is to masturbate hours before having sex. Obviously, you can only do this if you’ve planned it with your partner, since this won’t be applicable for spontaneous sex. Masturbation allows you to ease the tension inside you, and most men think that this leads to greater stamina and performance. Once the tension is gone, when you’re starting to get it on with your partner, you would be able to take your time and give your woman pleasure longer.

Another easy way is to control what you think. This is common knowledge among most men, but only a few have really accepted it since it’s been a butt of jokes in Hollywood teen movies. However, you can’t question is effectiveness. Once reaching the point of orgasm, think of something non-sexual to distract your attention. This could be in the form of focusing on the romantic mood of you and your partner, such as walking on the park or sharing an exquisite dinner. For extremes, you could think of your hobbies, or something which would turn off your orgasm easily. This is what Hollywood movies portray, with the man thinking of sweaty gym socks when about to ejaculate to turn off the orgasm.

You can also try to just simply stop the sex when you feel that you’re about to reach orgasm. If you stop for around 60 to 90 seconds, the impending orgasm could subside so you could continue with the sex after. There might be a problem with the awkward pause though, so you might want to use this time to change positions or to focus on doing something else with your partner, so that you won’t kill the mood with you just cleanly stopping and waiting for the seconds to pass by.

You could also go directly to the problem. When you’re about to reach orgasm, you could lightly pinch the tip of your penis to stop the ejaculation, and possibly reduce the sensitivity of your penis. By doing so, you’re conserving your stamina and calming down your penis, as it might already be too sensitive with all the sensations that are felt during sex.

As a man, it’s important to last longer in bed. For those who are having trouble with losing stamina and reaching orgasm quickly, following these easy ways could help you solve your problems. Not only will your woman go even crazier for you, you’d also make your sex experiences last longer, leading to more memories and a better sex life for the both of you.


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