Fix Premature Ejaculation With These 3 Killer Tips

Do you need a quick way to fix premature ejaculation? If you are in a new relationship with a very special lady then the bedroom is probably the last place where you’d want to disappoint. One of the really big challenges in these situations is that it work against you in two ways. Firstly, you will probably be quite nervous which never helps your cause and secondly you will probably be very attracted to the lady which tends to make you over excited.

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The long term cures for premature ejaculation can take time to master and its certainly something that you need to work on. The sooner you start the better. There is however the pressing problem and its one that you will probably need to address immediately because tonight you might need it.

So, what can you do?

Let me give you 3 quick fix tips that can help you fix premature ejaculation straight away. These are simple tactics but they really do work.

1. Don’t be over excited
One of the main reasons why guys arrive too soon is because they are just way too horny when the clothes come off. When you are over excited then you will only have one thing on your mind and that is RELIEF! Its important to never go into a sexual encounter being overly excited. A simple strategy is to masturbate as close to having sex as possible. This will take the edge off an put out that fire that will probably boil over when her clothes come off.

2. Desensitize yourself
One of the main probables for guys that are not used to sex or who had some “time off” is that they are too sensitive. An easy way to fix this is to use a condom – or better yet, use condoms that desensitize you. Look for condoms that has an inner lining of lidocaine jel. This is a mild anesthetic that will numb you gently. In the long run, more sex will help you to overcome the too sensitive issue. Intercourse a sensation that you need to get used to and as you get used to it you will stop being overly sensitive.

3. Sprays And Creams?
Although I won;t recommend this as a long term solution, sprays and creams can be a quick fix for premature ejaculation but you need to proceed with extreme caution. The majority of creams and sprays are designed to numb you and obviously desensitize you. There are two main issues with this. The first is that it can be very embarrassing to whip out the spray can in front of the lady. Secondly, it can work too well and leave you with feeling nothing at all – which is just a strange sensation. Many women also complain that this rubs off on her and numbs her as well – which makes sex pretty interesting.


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