Prolong Ejaculation

Can you really prolong ejaculation without any of the gimmicks like pills, creams and gizmo’s? Well, not only can you but the only way to really last longer in bed is to look past the gimmicks that only give you short term results. Some pills and creams really DO work, but the real problem is that this is only a band-aid solution and it does not tackle the CAUSE of the problem.

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If you really want to prolong ejaculation you will have to learn how to control your ejaculation reflex. This might sound harder than it really is, but the natural reflex in your brain that causes you to ejaculate is part of your nervous system and you can control it.

It’s very similar to blinking your eyes. Every day you blink your eye a million times without even being aware of it or even doing it on purpose. However, if you start to pay attention to your blinking you can “tap into” your involuntary nervous system and control your blinking. You can blink on purpose if you want to and with a little practice you can even blink with just one eye lid.

Learning to prolong ejaculation naturally is very much like this. Most guys just have no idea hw to tap into this ability that can keep them from ejaculating too soon. By learning to control the reflex you can have complete control over ejaculation and have sex for much longer.

This is a skill that you have to learn and it is a very worth while skill indeed. Imagine being able to last for 45 minutes to an hour! After all, this is how long most women can last and being able to keep up with her and to really satisfy her is really worth gold to any man.

There is no real easy way or quick fix to learn this ability. The best way to learn it is to use the exercises and “mind tricks” to help you become aware of the muscles that control the reflex in your body. You need to combine this with the mental exercises and learning the distraction methods can significantly boost your sexual stamina.

Don’t get seduced by the quick fix that pills and creams promise you. It’s just not a long term solution and will just leave you looking silly in front of your partner. Learn to fix the cause of the problem instead and become the master of the bedroom!

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