It has been proven that it can take 15 minutes for a woman to experience an orgasm during sex, including foreplay. For women to begin experiencing multiple orgasms it typically takes 30 minutes or longer. The average time for most American’s sex sessions is just around 6 minutes meaning there are likely millions of sexually frustrated women that are not getting the pleasure that they are seeking. One way for a man to be able to offer their woman the type of pleasure that they have been looking for and deserve is learning how to control ejaculation.

Last Longer In Bed will show you how to control ejaculation using all natural methods and techniques in an easy to follow and step-by-step process that are proven to help you last at least 30 minutes and longer each and every time you have sex.

A major problem for some men is premature ejaculation and not being able to last as long as they (or their partner) may want to. Learning to control premature ejaculation will not only lead to a more successful sex life but can also give you added confidence both in and out of the bedroom. With so many women not experiencing strong, healthy orgasms during sex, learning the proper methods of ejaculation control will help you be able to give your partner multiple orgasms as you are able to last longer and longer and can make you flat out irresistible to them afterwards.

Many companies claim to offer the solutions to orgasm control only to then try and sell you an expensive cream or specialty condom that may temporarily work or even not work at all but the natural methods that we offer are tried, tested and proven to teach how to control premature ejaculation once and for all.

If you believe that you are having trouble with ejaculation control and believe that it is affecting your performance in the bedroom or the quality of your relationship, then learning how to control early ejaculation is the key to gaining more confidence in the bedroom and giving your partner strong orgasms every time.